Toddler Christmas Fun

23 Sep / 17
Toddler Christmas Fun

Once your little one becomes a toddler, Christmas has a whole new meaning. They are exploring the world around them and everything is new and interesting. There will be lots of exciting things you can do to add to their enjoyment.

With no expectation of Christmas, this is a great moment to start new traditions and to teach them the importance of good behaviour. At this age it is more important than ever to praise and reward positive behaviour to form good habits in the future.

Elf Adventures Early Years Pack is perfect for toddlers and makes an excellent Christmas Tradition. You encourage their imagination with the fascinating illustrated storybook. Point out lots of different objects in the book to help them with their first words. They will be amazed that the story comes to life with their very own elf soft toy that they can cuddle and adore.

With the help of your elf you can introduce the elf and their adventures around your home, emphasising how happy you are when they behave well.

Christmas is a magical time of year, and this is where it all begins. Creating memories with your little ones while they are having fun and developing is what Christmas is all about!

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