Adventure into the World of Reading

24 Sep / 17
Adventure into the World of Reading

By the time Christmas comes, the school year is well underway. Children in Reception/Primary 1 will be recognising and sounding out their first letters and beginning to learn to think and ask questions about the story in a book. Most Year 1/Primary 2 children will be able to write all letters, know basic words and sound out unfamiliar words.

The Elf Adventures Early Years Pack includes a storybook aimed at young children and first reading. The simple, rhythmic text encourages sounding out words in the story. With an elf soft toy for them to cuddle and play with, and the story being about their elf, it encourages their interest and their imagination.

You can also have fun together naming your elf and filling in their passport. There is lots of space for your child to try writing their elf’s name themselves! There is a reward chart that can be used to promote good behaviour, but it can also be used alongside helping them with their reading.

Don’t forget you can have loads of adventures with Elf Antics if you want, with ideas in our Photo Gallery, and your Elf will love going on adventures with the whole family!

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