Notes for Parents

It's time to start the fun!

You will find lots of ideas to set up some funny Elf Antics in the Ideas & Inspirations section. These can be added to our Photo Gallery too, for more giggles with the kids.

Check out the Parents Guide for more information and how to use the website. And you can find more activities below, to add to the excitement.

Let's get started.


Inspiration & Ideas

Get lots of Inspiration for Elf Antics and Ideas for spending time and having fun with your chirdren.  The fun really starts here!

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Parent's Guide

You will find all the information you need to navigate through the Elf Adventures Website and helpful gudes to allow you to make the most of all the fun...

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Extra Activities

From exciting receipes for cakes and gingerbread to more puzzles and games for your children to enjoy, these extra activities will keep them entertained in the festive season.

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