Parent's Guide

A guide to Elf Adventures


This could become the most amazing experience you have with your children! It could even become an annual festive tradition that the family looks forward to!

How? Well, at the base of Elf Adventures is the ideal of spending quality time with your children, and in this fun way it will create some wonderful memories for all of you.

Inside the Gift Pack is your child's new Elf soft toy - your new member of the family. He 'likes' to get up to mischief and likes to be posed around the house doing funny things - it's such a simple way to make your children laugh, and have something to smile about together.

Your see, if we're not working, we're ferrying the kids to their activities, or making dinner and keeping the house tidy, and more recently we all have our eyes staring downwards in our tablets, phones and iPads...

Why not bring the Elf to your work and take a photo of him/her working at your desk; take the Elf to their child's activities making an adventure of the car journey; invite your Elf to the dinner table or sweep him up and take a picture; and upload your photos from the day to the Facebook Page or website together with your child, and have a giggle at all of the other Elf Antics.

These simple things fit easily in to your day, will shift your child's attention to these fun antics and you would see a positive change in their behaviour, as well as enhancing your time and experiences with your children.

Along with your new Elf family member and Letter from Santa is either an Activity Book or a Board Book included in the Gift Pack. These are excellent ways to spend time with your kids.  The Board Book is educational, with lots of pictures for little kids to point out and a moral to the story of going to bed as there are always more adventures tomorrow. The Activity Book is jam-
packed full with exciting games, puzzles, stickers and a reward chart which could be used before or after Christmas.

So Let's Get Started

Now that the fun is ready to start, it is worthwhile considering the following three points to ensure your family gets the most out of Elf Adventures:

- decide how much time you can commit to posing the Elf at night. At the heart of this is creating fun memories, so it shouldn't be a chore for you, which can happen if you're busy, particularly at Christmas time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Maybe make the Elf do some fun mischief at night two or three times a week so that you can commit to making it fun, which keeps the magic going for your children.

- spend time with your children. In these modern times, we are all so busy and quality time with our kids can be hard to find.  Take Elf Adventures for what it is, simple fun! You will find that Elf Adventures builds a common interest between you and your children, and will create some wonderful memories.

- decide if you wish to address behaviour problems. There's no better time to tackle some behaviour problems than with Christmas looming, and even better, while an Elf has come to stay at your house who has a direct line to Santa. The Reward Chart at the back of the Activity Book has space for up to four areas to work on (or you could concentrate on one specific behaviour).  From addressing difficult behaviour such as going to bed at the right time, to setting development tasks such as clearing up the table after meals, this could be your chance to help your child improve their behaviour.

How to Introduce your Elf Visitor

Whether you decide to introduce your Elf before Christmas, or he arrives as a present on Christmas Day, there is a read-aloud letter from Santa which will bring excitement straight away.

Below you will find ideas for posing your Elf at night or through the day to take a photo to post on Facebook or the website with your children.

Elf Antics Ideas

  • Put your Elf in your welly boots and set him at the door on a wet day
  • Hang socks or underwear on the Christmas Tree, with your elf sitting close by.
  • Set your Elf up playing one of the family games (chess, connect 4, guess who etc.)
  • He likes to drive - put your Elf in a toy car
  • He likes the train too - he can ride on the train along the train tracks
  • Or he could be tied to the tracks/have tied another toy to the tracks...
  • Tuck your Elf in the child's play-cot with some hankies (he has a cold)
  • Your would need some building blocks, cotton wool and another toy - set up a snowball fight
  • Pose your Elf at the bathroom/kids' mirror having stuck Christmas bows all over it
  • Make a fishing line out of a candy cane and string - pop your Elf over the sink or toilet and he's fishing
  • Sit him in the living room with a note 'Can you find 8 sweets' then hide 8 sweets around the room
  • Sit the elf on a toy horse, make a lasso out of straws/pipe cleaners, and then set some cow toys around him
  • Swap clothes with another toy
  • Fill the kitchen sink/bath and carefully put your Elf in a plastic container boat - even tie on some plastic spoons/straws as oars
  • Build a Lego tower around the Elf, even have legs pointing out, with the little Lego people looking up at him